About Paragon Document Solutions Limited

Paragon doesn't conform to industry norms. In fact, we try to do the opposite.

We know from our collective 50 years industry experience that due to widespread small print, hidden extras, unbreakable contract clauses and slow or unresponsive service, customers are often left feeling disgruntled with their supplier.

Which is why we created Paragon, a company designed to give its customers a club class customer service and the good news is it's available to each and every one of our customers - not just the rich and famous.

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Our club class service promises;

And the really good news is this service doesn't come with a club class price tag because our mums taught us to always treat others how you would like to be treated yourself.

*Paragon is very proud of its 95% customer retention rate since its doors opened in 2002.

For excellent sales and service on:

Just give Paragon Document Solutions a call and speak with an experienced consultant who will unsure the best solution for all your office requirements. Paragon, the photocopier company you can rely on.

Who we are

Times have changed - particularly in the last year. The demands placed on companies by clients and consumers alike are greater than ever.

No longer is it good enough to just be the 'quickest' or the 'cheapest'. Today, to survive you have to be the best. This means delivering the best quality, at the best price, on time. And to do it in a way that doesn't harm the environment.

Which is why, here at Paragon HQ we are confident we are best placed to help companies flourish in today's climate.

Paragon is a passionate and dynamic document solutions company designed to meet the evolving needs of companies today.

We guarantee to deliver you the best prices combined with a premium customer service. And for every machine purchased, we plant a tree in the Amazon rainforest.

We do this because we know that today it's no longer good enough to be second best.

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Email us via: info@paragon-ds.co.uk

Call us on: 0800 357 677